Living the Spirit of Christmas Every Day

Well, this is as cliché as cliché gets but still worth writing about over and over again. The spirit of Christmas exists even when it’s not December. In a world filled with materialistic whims and inclinations, it is always great to read stories of generosity, kindness, and compassion. The true meaning of Christmas goes beyond the season or occasion, as exemplified by the following stories: (more…)

I Lost My Mother On Christmas

Let me share you the story of how I lost my mother one Christmas Eve. No, this is not a tragedy. It’s quite funny, actually.

I grew up in Kansas in an average family. Nothing too much, everything was just enough. My school lunch consisted of once chicken sandwich, one orange, and one bottle of water. Sometimes there would be cookies if I had been a good girl. My father was a worker at factory of The Cheesecake Factory. My mother was a librarian. (more…)

Give Yourself a Marijuana Treat this Christmas

Christmas is the time of the year when you can finally relax and just enjoy whatever it is that you have worked hard for throughout the year. It is the time when can finally do whatever you want or buy whatever your heart desires. Of course, you have done a great job throughout the year. You have made sacrifices. You have stopped doing certain things just to achieve your goals. Thus, you deserve a treat.

Since you have not been naughty, but nice over the last months, you might as well push the treat further. Instead of the usual gadget or luxury car as a treat this Christmas, why not buy a legal pot? To begin with, this treat is a lot cheaper. Besides, it comes with some risks that make it very exciting to smoke.

You Deserve It

Again, Christmas is the time to treat yourself. It is time to let go of your inhibitions and try things you have never tried before. During Christmas, everyone is in a good mood. Therefore, you have nothing to worry about. Besides, there are legal outlets where you can buy marijuana for recreational purposes. If you have feared smoking pot throughout the year because of its possible consequences, it is now time to shake those fears away. However, if you have not done well throughout the year, you might not necessarily deserve this treat.

Promoting the Legalization of Recreational Marijuana

It is also during the Christmas season that it is best to lobby the legalization of both medical and recreational marijuana. It is the time of the year when everyone feels good and has positive vibes. People don’t want to fight or make arguments about certain subjects. Therefore, if you are among those who have actively promoted the use of marijuana, this could be the best opportunity that you can grab.

If you have finally to give yourself this kind of treat, you might want to check out more details about medical marijuana in Spokane at When you have enough for yourself, you can give it as a present to others who want to try pot too!

Give ‘Dope’ on Christmas Day

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Although it has been legalized and approved for medicinal purposes, giving marijuana or cannabis as a gift may still set off your loved ones a bit. But if you explain to them the potential benefits, they will certainly embrace the idea openly, whether they were previous users or not.

Medicinal Marijuana

Cannabis use has long been stirring controversies, even when some states started legalizing it for medicinal purposes. Although it has been proven to help alleviate the symptoms of those who are suffering from chronic pain due to either cancer or HIV, it is still hazy on the federal level. Some states do not approve of its use still.

If you are in a state like Washington, where dispensaries openly operate because marijuana is legalized, you will be given a marijuana card along with a prescription to treat your existing health issues.

Traveling with the Dope

With all the legality issues and other concerns involved, it is not possible to travel with marijuana and get away with it swiftly. So don’t think about bringing it from point A to point B as your Christmas present. Yes, there are airports that are marijuana-friendly and allow you to get aboard given you have the proper supporting documents. But you may still have to tackle difficulties overall.

As a rule, leave behind your medication if you can when you are moving locations for the holidays. If you are boarding a plane, make sure you are not booking an international flight. If you are flying locally and within destinations where medical marijuana is permissible, make sure that you only bring as much prescribed amount that you will need. If you are driving to your destination, make sure that you do not smoke a bit before hitting the road. The Vehicle Code Section 23152 (a) considers driving under the influence of any drug, legal or otherwise, illegal.

To get a medical marijuana prescription as a gift to a loved one, bring that loved one to a doctor, who will provide the necessary prescription along with the card. That’s the safest.

How to Spend Christmas with a Sick Loved One

Christmas is a special day that almost everyone around the world celebrates. As they say, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, when everyone is happy and nice. This is also a chance for family members to be together, especially those with busy schedules and with members living in different places. However, there could be added worries if there is a sick loved one that you need to take care of. There are ways on how you can cope on this holiday if you’re caring for a family member who is sick.

Preparing for Christmas with a Sick Loved One
While you may want to prepare everything to make the day memorable and fun, your sick family member may feel better if you include him in the process. Moreover, this would make it easier for you to learn the things that would be enjoyable and comfortable for him. Ask what he wants and don’t want to do on that day. Allowing him to give his inputs would also make him feel that he’s able to contribute and that somehow he can still do some things that healthy people can.

Enlist the help of other family members and friends as well. Not because you’re the primary caregiver means that you have to shoulder everything. Your hands may already be full and a little assistance, especially in preparing for the holiday season, would be a huge help. They too would want the day to be meaningful not just for your sick family member, but for everyone, including you.

The health and safety of your sick loved one should still be the priority though. Consider activities that he could participate in. Prepare foods that he could eat. Make sure that he takes his medicines on time and at the right dosage to reduce the pain and discomfort that he feels. For instance, if he’s prescribed with medical marijuana, you should get it from a reputable dispensary to help him feel better. You can find a trusted dispensary in Portland that have the appropriate license and permit. A good Portland dispensary carries various strains of marijuana for medical use.

Make sure to give him only the physician’s recommended dosage and keep it away from the reach of children.

Pot Dispensary: An Interesting and Unique Business Idea for Christmas

When you think of opening up a business during the Christmas season, you might think of items that people will definitely buy. You may open up food businesses, items that may be given as gifts, Christmas decorations and many more. However, if you want something unique for a Christmas business idea, you might want to open up a pot dispensary.

A Huge Hit

Don’t worry about this idea especially if you are in a state where marijuana use and sale is legal. All you have to do is to make sure that you understand the legalities surrounding the opening up of a pot dispensary. If you are worried on the business aspect of it, don’t be. Take note that Christmas is a time for fun and relaxation. People do crazy stuff during Christmas. This is the time of the year when they stop thinking about work and focus more on having fun and doing what they have never done yet in life. Therefore, if you want to sell marijuana for recreational use, then you will surely have tons of potential customers.

Being of Help

Though some states allow marijuana use for recreational purpose, you have to realize that the main reason why marijuana use should be legalized is because of those who badly need it. Thus, you open up the dispensary to make marijuana more accessible to these patients. Thus, you don’t just make this season a time to have fun, but also a time to give back. Patients no longer have to worry if they run out of stock. They just have to go to your business establishment and they are already taken care of. Imagine how wonderful the feeling is when you can create a business that will not just potentially give you earnings, but will also allow you to be of help to others. Check out Portland Dispensary here if you want to have more ideas on how to open up a pot dispensary.

The Season of Love

While everyone else is in the mood for festivities and fun, you need to push forward the idea of legalizing marijuana. You might enjoy its benefits in your state and you are able to help many patients, but this is not true for all states. Therefore, let Christmas be a time to continue pushing forward the legalization of marijuana.

Tips on Choosing the Right Christmas Present

There is a good reason why the phrase, “hustle and bustle,” is closely associated with the Yuletide season. It is because so many people are rushing to have their Christmas shopping done. One of the Christmas activities that take the most time is getting presents. It can also leave you in a quandary. Buying gifts for friends and loved ones can be quite perplexing that it is usually left for the last minute. The result? You get into hurried attempts to get presents, going around stores and shops for hours with nary an idea on what to buy and ending up getting the wrong present.

Because gift giving does add to the joy of Christmas, it should not be a stressful activity. By keeping in mind simple suggestions, you can make your family and friends’ holiday season a lot merrier by giving them gifts that they are pleased with.

You can choose suitable gifts by paying close attention. When spending time with friends and families, and conversing with them, you will probably learn about something that they dream of having or are interested in. For instance, you might have a friend who has recently developed an interest in star-gazing. On Christmas, you can get her a book on the subject. Aside from interests, you can also take note of hobbies or personal style and make these your guide.

With the difficult economic times that everyone has gone through or going through these days, more people are appreciating gifts that are needed rather than gifts that are wanted. As a case in point, if a friend’s family is struggling financially, she would be more grateful for a gift voucher than a bottle of perfume or a piece of cooking equipment. When taking into account what the receiver needs, you can get creative. It might be an opportunity to give a very unique kind of present. Unconventional as it may seem, some people even give medical treatments as Christmas presents. If you have a close family member undergoing chemotherapy and he is having a very difficult time in dealing with the side effects, you can gift him with a fully-paid-for alternative medical treatment in a medical marijuana clinic. This might be a very unusual present but it will be greatly appreciated. If you are not very knowledgeable about what these types of clinics are for, you can read about them online. There are numerous sites that talk about medical marijuana and its health benefits, in addition to location of dispensaries and the services they provide. Such useful information, as well as how to open a dispensary, is found on

Besides the medical information you can read about on the internet, it can also be a good place to find gifts. If you do not relish doing your Christmas shopping in crowded stores, you can opt to shop online. Several retailers have websites where you can order items from. Obviously, you can also make your purchases on popular online stores like Amazon or eBay. Some sites provide gift-giving suggestions based on recipients’ age, gender and personality type.

For a more personal touch, you can choose to give presents that you have made on your own. Of course, this is not an option for everyone but would be suitable if you are into crafting or baking. For instance, you can bake Christmas goodies, wrap them in creative packages and give them as gifts. Your handmade present will be more valuable because you took time and effort in preparing them. In addition, it will also save you money.

There is as much joy in giving gifts as there is in receiving them. During Christmas, you always intend to find that perfect present to give to your family and friends. Although it can be daunting and difficult at first, you can become an exemplary gift-giver by being creative and being attentive.

Four Fun Games For Christmas

Every Christmas we go through the obligatory shopping, cooking, getting together, and creating fun for everyone. We make sure there’s the annual talent show for every kid in the family. But fun is not complete without games. Here in this article we will show you four games that will surely bring your Christmas to a whole new level of fun:

1. Guess What?!

Everyone who played this game get to love it. It’s super simple and fun. Here’s the mechanics: first, you have to prepare a list of items such as an object, place, person, animal, or event. Then divide the participants into two or three groups (or how many you want). Each group will choose a representative who will act out the item that s/he randomly picked. The group will then have to guess what is being acted within a time limit, let’s say one minute. If they guess it, they get one point and they get to guess again. If they fail, other groups can steal.

2. The Number Game

This game is also fun and easy, anybody can do it. First, gather the family as one big group. The group leader (whomever you fancy) will call out a specific number. For instance, the leader calls out five. The players will have to form groups of five and make sure they belong in one. If a player cannot be a member of a group because the number has been reached, s/he is out of the game. The number that has to be called out should not exceed half of the number of the participants. Also, as the game progresses, the number should get higher to make the game more intense.

3. Catch the Winking Murderer

For a more serious (but fun) game, the winking murderer is your best bet. Every player will sit in a circle except the detective. Before the game starts the group decides on who the murderer is. Then the mystery begins. The winking murderer will “kill” players by winking at them, and the killed players let out a blood-curdling scream when they see the murderer winking at them. The detective has three chances to guess who the murderer is. Upon failure, the group decides the consequence.

4. Twelve Days of Christmas Relay

This game will surely put the kids into frenzy. For this game you will need a collection of items that will symbolize the lyrics of the Christmas song “Twelve Days of Christmas”. For example, think of an object that will represent the line “partridge in the pear tree”. You have to make sure that the kids will know which line the items represent. You can get photos on the Internet.

Divide the kids into two groups. Provide them with complete sets of the items. Then place two buckets at the end of the room. The goal is to put the items that match the lyrics in the right order at the fastest possible time. So the first kid will search for the item that matches the lyric “partridge in the pear tree” then run to the bucket at the other side of the room. The next kid (waiting by the bucket) will run to the items and do likewise. The first group that gathers all their items in the bucket wins.