My name is Morty. Like most people, my favorite holiday is Christmas. I love the overall Christmas vibe because everything is jolly and colorful. Every home has sparkly decorations and Christmas trees glistening through each window. Wherever you go, you can hear Christmas songs played by establishments.

Christmas brings people together. Almost every family has their own Christmas tradition, and no matter how silly, it is something we look forward to even as adults. It could be as simple as putting up and decorating a Christmas tree with the whole family or having eggnogs and hot chocolate every morning. We love these traditions and we hope to pass it on to our kids someday.

It is one event when people are actually trying to be nice. It encourages thoughtfulness and generosity. People are so giddy to buy gifts for their loved ones that even the simple task of wrapping gifts and putting a bow on it is very pleasing. It is one time in a year that people are willing to give back to the society, especially the less fortunate people.

If you happen to live in a country where it snows during Christmas, you will actually look forward to it. It signals the start of a joyful season. It is also when you enjoy hot chocolate the most, especially when you first wake up in the morning or after you played in the snow with family and friends and made a snowman.

Nothing beats the memories you make with family and friends during Christmas. You know you will forever remember the quality time you spend with them, from all the fun activities to simply watching Christmas movies in the living room.

Of course, how can we forget the food? This is the season when the best foods are cooked! You have an excuse to consume food more than you ever had, even if you are a conscious health buff. A warm-home cooked meal shared with people you love and all the yummy desserts that is enough to fill you up in a year. Some food and desserts are even made more memorable because they are only made and served during Christmas season.

This is what I drove to start a blog. To keep the Christmas spirit alive all year long, I write about all Christmas-related things; from choose the best gift to every special person in your life to learning how to make gingerbread cookies. I also share personal stories about how my family celebrates the holiday and other Christmas ideas. If you love Christmas, this blog is something you would enjoy.