Year: 2019

Value of history and historical memory

Historical fact refers to truths about the ancient times. More than just presenting events in a chronological order, it tends to answer the basic questions of ‘what happened?’ Historians try explaining why events happened, circumstances that led to their occurrence, […]

Things to Prepare on Christmas

Time flies so fast and we haven’t realize that even after just a few months ago since we have the last Christmas, too soon today we might also get surprised that Christmas is now coming. In this case, we have […]

The Divine Command Theory

The divine theory is the view that ethical rules are valid by virtue of God’s command. It is a deontological theory and asserts that statements like “charity is good” have the same meaning as “God commands charity.” If one trusts […]

What I Hated in My Youth

Nostalgia is an odd feeling: it creeps up to you, making you think of the best things of the past, whilst the memory of the unpleasant things slowly goes away. Also, as time passes by, the distance of over 20 […]