Value of history and historical memory

Historical fact refers to truths about the ancient times. More than just presenting events in a chronological order, it tends to answer the basic questions of ‘what happened?’ Historians try explaining why events happened, circumstances that led to their occurrence, the impact of those events and their interpretation. Accounts are usually compared with archaeological findings. Historical memory, on the other hand, refers to the way in which groups, individuals, collectivities, and nations construct and identify with certain narratives about historical events. Historical memory is also referred to as collective or social memory and it is a way in which historical events are discussed, debated and given meaning which allows them to be publicly remembered. This essay will look at the value of both historical fact and memory.

Recollection when recording history is significant because it gives history a course, sense, and information that cannot be gotten from most basic historical documents. Mankind has often observed the great obliteration triggered by natural disasters and manmade carnages, example wars and annihilations. Remembering historical acts of domination such as colonialism or political violence can have affective consequences on individuals and social consciousness. Such events of colonialism enable people to fathom well the contemporary and be able to envisage the prospect. An example is the collapse of the Soviet Union which had advanced political subjugations such as; / instantaneous killings, mandatory relocations, and cutting off citizen’s rights. These repressions created panic and disbelief towards the structure. Massive repressions and human rights destructions might enable the transformation of the individual recollection to a communal retention. This historical memory led to the progress of social egalitarianism in the European eastern partnership states. Modern challenges on democratization can be converted into opportunities when the concept of social memory is understood (Poghosyan).

Historical facts, on the other hand, are important because the accomplishments of the present-day day are built upon the attainments of the ancient times, this us history essay brings more evidences about this statement. History also allows us to recognize and appreciate past occurrences like holidays that commemorate events and legends. Thanksgiving and a host of other holidays result also from historical occasions.  An example is Christmas. All of the world’s major beliefs and faiths are grounded in history. Also, precious artifacts historical foundations accumulate, preserve and exhibit; inestimable documents like the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are all as a result of historical annals, archives, and galleries that amass, preserve and share (Ivey).

History, both awareness of the past and the exercise of investigating and making sense of what happened are crucial to the well-being of individuals, communities and the future of our nation. The ideas gotten from the facts can be adapted and incorporated into projects, mission statements, websites, marketing materials, training materials and other institutional outlets. The value of the historical statement is that; it nurtures personal identity in an intercultural word History enables people to discover their own place in the stories of their families, communities, and nation. It teaches critical 21st skills and independent thinking. The practice of history teaches research, judgment of the accuracy and reliability of sources. History also lays the groundwork for strong, resilient communities. No place becomes a community until it is wrapped in the human memory. Economic growth is catalyzed by ancient facts. People are attracted to communities which have conserved a strong sense of historical identity and character. People are also able to craft better solutions by helping them understand the origins and multiple perspectives on challenges they face (Wolbers).

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