It may sound a bit trite, but what is better for you – to give or to receive presents?

That`s definitely the most difficult question. On the one hand, I adore receiving presents. I appreciate that people spent their time thinking about me and what I might like to get for Christmas. I love the very moment of unwrapping the gift box and trying to guess what is inside. I also look forward to thanking and giving a hug to my loved ones for their support and help and love during the year past and hopefully the year ahead. On the other hand, giving a gift is also a beautiful moment. You choose a present, worrying if your friend or family member likes it, then you wrap it and put under the Christmas tree. After that the most difficult part starts – anticipation. But in the end, what a pleasure to see that you hit the mark! Oh, Christmas is about both giving and receiving and that’s what I like the most.

While still on this subject, which gift would you prefer – bought at the store or handmade?

It doesn’t really matter to me. Last year I got wireless earbuds for Christmas from my sister. They provide splendid sound and I wanted them for a year or two but they were too expensive for me. I am very thankful to her for a present so much wanted (thanks, sis! I know you`re reading it:). And when she was little she gave me handmade postcards and glass bead bracelets and I still have them all in a special box. I would say it isn’t that important what kind of gift you get. What really matters is to have people around who think about you.

What was the most memorable Christmas in your life?

Let me think… I`m not sure I can pick one. All of them. Though it was fabulous when we went to Canada to celebrate with my aunt. It was frosty, everything was covered with snow and it looked like a fairytale. That was the first time I had seen snow and it`s the moment I will never forget!